OCT 1-15, 2021 Schedule of Events

        Friday, Oct 1st | LGBT Rights Workshop – Brazil to Miami, Community Leaders coming together for a Town Hall Forum on laws, rights, challenges and what we can do.

        Saturday, Oct 2nd | Art Diva Bus Tours | Visit the HALLS OF DRAG Gallery Exhibit, featuring some of South Florida’s most infamous costumes, and the Divas that made them come to life, incl.
         continental breakfast & Q&A.

        Sunday, Oct 3rd | Art Diva Bus Tours | Visit to the Wick Theatre and Costume Museum in Boca Raton, featuring full collections of costumes of over 55 Broadway musicals.

        Wednesday, Oct 6th | American Drag Artist WILLIAM DORSEY SWANN  - Interpretive performance

        Friday, Oct 8th | DRAGAMES NIGHT – Come cheer on your favorite Divas as they compete for cash & adoration, while Go Cart Racing, Video Game Challenges and much more, at a video
        arcade, and get a chance to win a TRIP TO RIO!

        Saturday, Oct 9th | Art Diva Bus Tours | Visit a local drag bar for a behind the scenes rehearsals, dressing room, and one-on-one with the Divas for Q&A… and maybe get a Drag Makover!

        Saturday, Oct 9th | Las DIVAS CLUB HOP | Once the sun goes down, visit SoFla bars for unforgettable performances & VIP treatment

        Wednesday, Oct 13th | MOVIE NIGHT - Enjoy some of your favorite Drag Inspired Movies, virtually!

        Friday, Oct 15th | NOCHE DE 1,000ish ESTRELLAS Concert – Local, national & Int’l performances, with Celebrity Hosts… ALSO, the STARR’s Stars Hour – A Divas Talent & Trans Awareness
        concert, hosted by Mariah Ebony Lopez, daughter of Trans Rights Icon Sylvia Rivera, who alongside Marsha P. Johnson, established STARR, the Strategic Transgender Alliance for Radical
        Reform in 1969.
OCT. 1-15, 2021
Celebrate ORGULLO’s 2021 Festival explores the ART of ILUSIÓN –
How the Art of Drag, Creativity, Talent and self-Expression influence
our daily lives

The history of drag queens is an evolution from a common theater practice to an award-winning
form of entertainment that has gained legitimacy both on a national and international stage.

The first person to describe himself as "the queen of drag" in the U.S. was William Dorsey Swann,
born enslaved in Hancock, Maryland, who in the 1880s started also hosting drag balls in
Washington, DC attended by other men who were former slaves, and often raided by the police,
as documented in the newspapers.

Drag as an art form has exploded largely thanks to the life and career of RuPaul Andre Charles —
arguably the most famous drag queen in the world today. RuPaul's current claim-to-fame is his tenure
as the host and face of the reality TV show RuPaul's Drag Race which has changed the history of drag.
Celebrate ORGULLO's 2021 Festival explora el ARTE de ILUSIÓN:
cómo el arte del transformismo, la creatividad, el talento y la
autoexpresión influyen en nuestra vida diaria

La historia de las drag queens, o transformistas, es una evolución desde una práctica teatral común
hasta una forma de entretenimiento galardonada que ha ganado legitimidad tanto en el escenario
nacional como internacional.

La primera persona que se describió a sí misma como "la reina del drag" en los Estados Unidos fue
William Dorsey Swann, nacido esclavizado en Hancock, Maryland, quien en la década de 1880 también
comenzó a organizar bailes de drag en Washington, DC a los que asistían otros hombres que eran ex
esclavos. ya menudo allanado por la policía, como se documenta en los periódicos.

El transformismo como forma de arte se ha disparado en gran parte gracias a la vida y carrera de
RuPaul Andre Charles, posiblemente la drag queen más famosa del mundo actual. El reclamo actual de
RuPaul a la fama es su mandato como presentador y rostro del reality show RuPaul's Drag Race, que ha
cambiado la historia del drag.
Celebrate ORGULLO’s 2020 Festival will
affect and inspire us- through Society &
Spirituality, Music, Rhythm, Hope & Symbolism.

Identifying connections among religious rituals and
culturally shared practices and how we interpret them in
and through our daily lives, today.  These traditions, along
with what we each bring to them, to help tell our stories.
Our personal Style and Expression. Our Identities.

Our Individualism.  Our Essence. Our ORGULLO.        

Becoming a U.S citizen should not mean, or require
shedding culture & traditions.

The late colonial era in the Caribbean and the Americas was marked by an
explosion of religious traditions that both drew from and challenged the normalivity
of Christianity. The importation of large numbers of Africans for slave labor on the
plantations introduced numerous ethnic groups and their cultural heritages to the
Americas. In an attempt to negotiate their own diversity and their contact with
Europeans, Africans created religious traditions such as Santería, Palo Monte,
Abakuá, and Vodou, with adherents that crossed ethnic lines. Among Spanish
colonists, the religio-philosophical system of Espiritismo became an alternative
for Catholics who were becoming increasingly alienated.

The historical trajectories of Revival Zion in Jamaica and Spiritual Baptists in
Trinidad (and other eastern Caribbean islands) provide salient examples of cultural
convergence, adaptation, and agency at the Caribbean crossroads. They also
emerged from the need of Africans under slavery to fashion a cohesive worldview
and a cultural identity that reflected their African heritage and the realities of their
lives on the plantations. Once formed, these traditions never became static cultural
artifacts but were dynamic, evolving traditions that crossed into all aspects of their
lives – Fashion, Food, Adornment…
El Festival explorará FE, FOLKLORE
y MODA, y como nos afecta e inspira a
través de la Sociedad y Espiritualidad,
Música, Ritmo, Esperanza y Simbolismo.

Identificando conexiones entre rituales religiosos y
prácticas culturalmente compartidas y cómo los
interpretamos en y a través de nuestra vida diaria, hoy.

Estas tradiciones, junto con lo que cada uno nosotros
aportamos, ayudan a contar nuestras historias.
En nuestro estilo personal y expresión.
Nuestras identidades Nuestro individualismo.
Nuestra esencia. Nuestro ORGULLO.

Hacerce ciudadano americano no debe ser or requirir,
abandonar nuestras tradiciones o culturas.

La época colonial en el Caribe y las Américas estuvo marcada por una explosión de tradiciones
religiosas que extrajeron y desafiaron la normalidad. del cristianismo La importación de
grandes cantidades de africanos para el trabajo esclavo en las plantaciones introdujo
numerosos grupos étnicos y sus herencias culturales en las Américas. En un intento por
negociar su propia diversidad y su contacto con los europeos, los africanos crearon tradiciones
religiosas como Santeria, Palo Monte, Abakua, y Vodou, con adherentes que cruzaron líneas
étnicas. Entre los colonos españoles, el sistema religioso-filosófico de Espiritismo se convirtió
en una alternativa para los católicos cada vez más alienados.

Las trayectorias históricas de Revival Zion en Jamaica y los bautistas espirituales en Trinidad (y
otras islas del Caribe Oriental) proporcionan ejemplos destacados de convergencia cultural,
adaptación y agencia en la encrucijada del Caribe. También surgieron de la necesidad de los
africanos bajo la esclavitud de crear una cosmovisión coherente y una identidad cultural que
reflejara su herencia africana y las realidades de sus vidas en las plantaciones. Una vez
formadas, estas tradiciones nunca se convirtieron en artefactos culturales estáticos,
sino que fueron tradiciones dinámicas y en evolución que se cruzaron
en todos los aspectos de sus vidas  - Moda, comida, adornos...
is a favorite LGBT global destination,
hate crimes - especially towards the
trans community - are at an all-time
high. Brazil to Miami, Community
Leaders coming together for a Town
Hall Forum on laws, rights, challenges
and what we can do.

HALLS OF DRAG Gallery Exhibit will
feature some of South Florida’s most
infamous costumes, and the Divas that
made them come to life, including
continental breakfast & Q&A.

DIVAS Behind the Scenes SHOW
take you to local clubs for a sneak
peek of rehearsals, dance routines
and how the visual transformation
happens - maybe even get chosen to
be IN A SHOW yourself...
Then, at night, get VIP Access to
various SoFla Clubs and nightspots for
an up close look at how the magic

is the
official, accredited destination sales
and marketing organization for Miami
Dade County. The Bureaus mission is
to Generate travel demand to Greater
Miami and the Beaches to maximize
economic impact to our community,
ensure industry resiliency, and elevate
the resident quality of life.

We will develop partnerships and
promotions to offer a Miami
Ambassadors Trip for 2, FROM Rio...
Possibly the same TO Rio.


VIP Trip for 2 to DRAG CON!
Sashay your way to RuPaul’s
DragCon, an annual showcase of the
best talent in the international drag
queen community. The Con welcomes
fans from all backgrounds and walks of
life to enjoy two days of the art of drag
and its culture. It features a sickening
line up of fierce vendors and
exhibitors, autograph sessions, panel
discussions, Q&A sessions and dozens
of performances from everyone’s
favorite girls.  
Boca Raton is the only museum of its
kind in the world, the Costume
Museum at the Wick Theatre is an
astounding exhibit of the finest
costumes ever brought to the
Broadway stage! This incredible space
hosts a breathtaking new exhibit each
year, featuring a collection of dazzling
costumes from Broadway and
Hollywood in addition to fascinating
historical garments and artifacts.

A visit to the Wick Theatre and
Costume Museum will be a guaranteed
memorable experience. Presented in a
fully interactive environment with
immersive multimedia, your tour will be
led by a knowledgeable and
entertaining theatre professional able
to give you a remarkable, “up close
and personal” look at the costumes on
Most tours include an exclusive behind-
the-scenes look backstage at The
Wick Theatre’s current musical

DRAGAMES Night will feature your
favoirt Divas competing in various
games, like Go Cart Racing, Video
Dance off, with CC GLITZER as
hostess - Cash Prizes and Bragging
Rights to the winner...while guests
enjoy Pizza, drinks, video games &

offers World Class Entertainment and
Attractions Park that includes an
Arcade with 200 plus games, American
Classics Diner, indoor Go Cart Track,
and much more.

back by popular demand for
a second year, featuring a star-
studded review of local, national and
international talent - all to raise
awareness & funds for the MicroGivng
Incubator Fund.
OCT 1-15, 2022 Schedule of Events

    Saturday, Oct 1 | Art Diva Bus Tours | Little Havana Botanicas & Afro-Caribbean Dance Studios

    Sunday, Oct 2nd | Art Diva Bus Tours | Everglades sacred lands

    Monday, Oct 3rd | LGBT Rights Workshop |

    Wednesday, Oct 6th | Movie Night

    Friday, Oct 8th | LEGENDS GALA @ the Historic SPANISH MONASTERY

    Sunday, Oct 10th | Art Diva Bus Tours |

    Monday, Oct 11th | NOCHE DE 1,000ish ESTRELLAS Concert
– Local, national & Int’l performances

    Friday, Oct 15th | Las DIVAS CLUB HOP | Once the sun goes down, visit SoFla bars for unforgettable performances & VIP treatment